Small Victory

Yaletown, Vancouver


“Life is made out of moments minute to minute, hour to hour. Our morning ritual can make or break the rest of our day, savouring fresh baked bread and fantastic coffee is a definite victory over the rest of your day.”

- Small Victory


This place is buzzing . . .

You're considered lucky if you find a place to sit at Small Victory, since this place seems to fill up pretty quick with local actors running their lines, Lululemon employees, trophy wives, European back packers, tech savvy entrepreneurs and local Yaletowners. 


Love / Hate Relationship

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➷  P R O S

▻ Great ambience

▻ Delicious fresh baked pastries & drinks

▻ House made almond milk

▻ Lovely service


➹ C O N S

▻ No Wifi (I can't even)

▻ Limited seating

▻ Not many vegan & gluten free options

▻ This place closes by 6pm everyday. Why so early?!

▻ I'm all about avo toast, but their combo of avo w/ honey, pistachios & feta cheese . . . tastes kind of weird!

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More vegan & gluten free options please ♡.

Located in Yaletown, with a large variety of pastries & drinks to choose from, you would think that the would have plenty of vegan and gluten free options. N O P E. 

However, they do make the yummiest house made almond milk!


⤜ Recommendations: 

▻ Veggie breakfast sandwich on fresh croissant with avocado

▻  Chai tea latte with house made almond milk

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