Cuca Restaurant

Jimbaran, Bali


Exclusively from indonesia . . .


At Cuca Restaurant, they love supporting and showcasing delicious local products, to maximize freshness and showcase what Bali has to offer. 

Tasty and unique ingredients are carefully selected by Chef Kevin Cherkas, which are then studied and created into enticing new western dishes.


♡ 2017 Travellers Choice for Best Restaurant - ASIA

 - Trip Advisor


Chef Tasting Menu

Feeling adventurous?

Try the "Chef tasting menu" and leave it up to them to prepare your surprise meal. 

We requested ours to be Vegetarian / Pescatarian, which was prepared by the lovely chef, William Loo and his team. 

Each dish was heavenly and we were stuffed by the end of our food adventure, but the best part was that it was so much FUN!! It was the most wonderful way to spend our last evening in Bali. ☺ 


❤  Highly recommend


→ Tip: Sit at the bar beside the kitchen and you get to engage with the chefs and watch them in action.



▽ White wine

▽ Iced Fruit

▽ Brandy Soda




❤  Highly recommend



Cotton Betutu

▽ Cotton Candy

▽ Indonesian Spices


Usually has this ingredient below, but they made us a special vegetarian version. ☺

▽ Ayam Betutu (Slow braised chicken)


Hot Potatoes

▽ Onion fudge

▽ Charred scallions

▽ Spiced keluak (Indonesian black nut)



❤ Top 3 favorite dishes 


Cuban Corn

▽ Grilled baby corn

▽ Young Parmesan

▽ Fresh Lime

▽ Parsley




❤ Top 3 favorite dishes 


Baked Scallop

▽ Lombok scallop

▽ Mashed cauliflower

▽ Toasted butter crust


Honey Baked Pumpkin Salad

▽ Country granola

▽ Creamy green beans

▽ Tarragon


Broccoli Ceasar

▽ Charbroiled Broccoli

▽ Whipped coconut

▽ Anchovy Crumble


BBQ Octopus

▽ Asian Gazpacho

▽ Fresh Fresh Apple

▽ Caramelized Cauliflower

▽ Coriander


Ricotta Gnocchi

▽ Cheese dumplings

▽ Roasted Watermelon

▽ Sun-dried tomato pesto




❤ Top 3 favorite dishes


Bali Breakfast

▽ Sweet runny mango

▽ Frozen Passion Fruit

▽ Whipped coconut


Cocoa 99

▽ Warm organic chocolate

▽ Mint ice cream

▽ Browny Croutons