No one is you, and that is your power.

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“No one is you, and that is your power.”

- Dave Grohl


To all of my young beautiful fans who have to deal with the BS of society . . .


I know a majority of you are still in high school and I know how shitty / judgemental people can be especially at that age.. you know how? Because I've been there! I've been the shitty person who judges others and I've also been the one who has received that shitty judgement. I know I've said shitty quite a few times already, but people can seriously be SHITTY!


I'm writing this because i've been seeing so many of you post about how much you "hate your flaws." Whether that be birthmarks, moles, a gap between your teeth, etc... I know a lot of that comes from fear of judgement... but I want you to learn to love your uniqueness like I did with mine! You see those two moles above my left eyebrow? Well, they didn't always hold the special place it currently has in my heart.


Growing up I never understood how actually cool & fashionable they were (like Marilyn Monroe duh.) When I was younger I use to try to cover them up with makeup until they weren't there anymore or photoshop them out of all my photos. I know most of you are probably like "okay, they're just moles.. who cares!" Right?! But for some reason I was very self-conscious about them! Maybe because kids in school were the absolute worst! A girl literally told me they were straight up weird and ugly... so it was ingrained in my mind that they were guess what... weird and ugly.


Anyway, throughout the years I stopped caring and stopped covering them up and more and more people surprisingly started complimenting them. Even inspired some people to get beauty marks tattooed on their face! I'm happy to have come to terms with them and now consider them one of my favorite facial features.


Remember when everyone wanted thin eyebrows and now the cool thing is to have bushy eyebrows?! Be the trendsetter with your uniqueness!! If you have beauty marks or anything that makes you different, know that you're fucking lucky! Be confident, embrace your quirks & "flaws" and always remember that no one is you, and that is your power. ❤️✌


Love G x x

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